ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS is one of 1,000 solutions to change the world

ElectricFeel received the prestigious “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution”, proof of high standards in profitability and sustainability for companies.

Moritz Meenen
7 Dec

We are excited to announce that ElectricFeel has received the prestigious “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a proof of high standards in profitability and sustainability for companies around the world. ElectricFeel is now a part of the #1000solutions portfolio presented to decision-makers by the Solar Impulse Foundation to fast-track the implementation of profitable solutions that protect the environment. The label is attributed by a pool of independent experts according to five criteria that thoroughly assess Feasibility, Environment and Profitability.

The Solar Impulse Foundation was started in 2003 by Bertrand Piccard, a well-known explorer and adventurer who has captured the world’s imagination by completing two flights around the world, first in a hot air balloon in 1999 and then in a solar-powered monoplane in 2016. 

“This historical flight highlighted that clean technologies can achieve impossible goals and should be used much more for reducing our energy consumption, protect natural resources and improve the quality of life on Earth.” Solar Impulse Foundation.

To carry the success of this first solar flight further, the Foundation helps businesses and governments achieve their environmental targets and adopt more ambitious energy policies which are necessary to pull these solutions to market. 

‘Transforming cities together’ is our motto: this is why we are particularly thrilled by this recognition from the Solar Impulse Foundation that acknowledges our hard work, the trust of our clients and 1 million riders, but also the 7,000 tons of C02 we have helped our partners save in the past years. 

More importantly, it shows the great potential of a digital solution that makes it possible for operators both public and private to quickly launch and scale a quiet, clean shared mobility service that cuts pollution and boosts quality of life in cities. This is what we have demonstrated in Basel and Barcelona with Pick-a-Bike and Cooltra

From this point of view, we agree with The Solar Impulse Foundation in seeing climate change, not only as a major threat, but also as a market opportunity to end “the absurdity of outdated and polluting devices”. 

“Solutions exist that are logical more than just ecological, that can create jobs and generate profit while also reducing polluting emissions and preserving natural resources.” Bertrand Piccard 

As COP26, it was demonstrated that, the time to act for the climate is now: this is why we are excited to continue working with The Solar Impulse Foundation, its partners and other portfolio companies towards new, clean, mobility solutions that make living in cities more enjoyable. You can discover all the 1000 innovators on Solar Impulse Solutions Explorer Tool.

ElectricFeel Shared Mobility OS is Featured with other 1000+ profitable solution to protect the environment on the Solar Impulse Fondation Solutions Explorer

To learn more about launching your own sustainable shared micromobility business, download our new comprehensive guide and get fully operational in 12 weeks. 

Moritz Meenen
Co-founder of ElectricFeel, we empower people around the world to build successful shared electric mobility businesses, replace cars and make cities better.

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