Privacy Policy

Effective date: 15.10.2020

At ElectricFeel AG (collectively “ElectricFeel”, “we”) we care about your personal data that you share with us, and we take the security of it seriously. This Privacy Policy illustrates how ElectricFeel collects, uses, maintains, protects, and discloses information, and what choices you have with respect to that information. At ElectricFeel we respect your privacy and our commitment is to protect it by complying to this Private Policy and the current data protection law.

We do not sell information to third parties. However, we may disclose personal information to third parties, where permitted and deemed appropriate (see Section “Data transfer and data transmission abroad” in this Privacy Policy).

This Privacy Policy is based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Although the GDPR is a regulation of the European Union, it is of relevance to us. The Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG) is strongly influenced by EU law, and companies outside the European Union and the EEA must comply with the GDPR under certain circumstances.

We collect the information to which our policy applies from:

  • Our website ( (“Site”);
  • Our blog ( (“Blog”);
  • E-mails, texts, other electronic messages and phone calls between you and ElectricFeel (including its Site and Blog);

If you do not agree with the terms mentioned in this Policy, do not access any of ElectricFeel’ Sites.

Table of content

  • What type of information does ElectricFeel collect and/or receive about you as part of the ElectricFeel Community?
  • How does ElectricFeel collect this information?
  • How does ElectricFeel use this information?
  • How and for how long does ElectricFeel retain this information?
  • Data transfer and data transmission abroad
  • Legal basis for processing personal information
  • Customer testimonials and comments
  • External websites
  • What are your rights regarding this information? How can you access and control your personal data?
  • Changes

What type of information does ElectricFeel collect and/or receive about you as part of the ElectricFeel Community?

We collect different types of information about and from our users, which include:

  • Personal and contact information, namely information by which ElectricFeel may identify you: e-mail address, telephone number, name, surname.
  • Job-related information, namely information that does not allow ElectricFeel to identify you: company name, address and phone number, job title, company email address, and company industry.
  • Usage information divided into:
  • Device information, namely information related to the device used by you to access our Site or Blog
  • Log data, namely Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and settings, the date and time our Sites and Blogs were accessed, language preferences, internet service provider (ISP), address of the web page visited before using our Sites or Blogs, domain types, files viewed on our Sites and Blogs, and cookie data. We collect this type of information as soon as you access one of our Sites or Blogs
  • Location information
  • Cookie information: ElectricFeel uses cookies on our Site and Blog that help us improve your experience. For more details about how we use cookies and what kind of information we collect from them please see our Cookie Policy.

How does ElectricFeel collect this information?

  • Online, directly from you (through our Site and Blog, forms, subscription to newsletter, request for call/demo). We collect and store data only if there is a legal basis to do so. Furthermore, ElectricFeel may collect information that you published on the Internet, that are publicly available or given to us by third parties (for example in LinkedIn).
  • Offline: we collect offline information when attending events related to the shared mobility industry, during phone calls with our sales and partnership team members, or when you contact us via email or other means of communication.

How does ElectricFeel use this information?

  • To conclude and process contracts with our customers and business partners.
  • To send you emails and other marketing communications.
  • To send you relevant material on the topic of sustainable shared mobility that can provide benefits to you (this material includes news on the micromobility industry, product updates, assets such as manuals and case studies on best practices to help you launch and optimize your fleet operations).
  • To send you administrative communications such as information regarding changes to our terms, to our policies and to our Sites and Blogs.
  • To communicate with you and responding to your comments, questions and requests.
  • To improve your browsing experience on our Sites and Blogs and their quality and to provide general statistics on their use.

How and for how long does ElectricFeel retain this information?

If you have subscribed to our community and you have hence chosen to be contacted by us, we retain information that is necessary to contact you via email or other means for a reasonable period of time, namely until the content and information shared with you can be beneficial to you. At any time you have the right to unsubscribe from your messages. If you do unsubscribe, we will not contact you again with marketing emails and any information by which ElectricFeel might identify you will be deleted. When the retention time is over, we will either delete the information from the servers or ensure its anonymity. In case any of the two options is not possible, then we will securely store your information and will not use it until we can delete it. We will also delete your personal information at any time upon your request, as described in Section “What are your rights regarding this information? How can you access and control your personal data?” in this Privacy Policy. We retain information gathered from cookies and other tracking technologies for the necessary period of time to provide you with the best possible experience on our Site and Blog.

Legal basis for processing personal information

Our legal basis for collecting and using the information described above will depend on the type of information and the specific context in which we collect it. Normally ElectricFeel collects any personal information from you only in case you have given us consent to do so, in case we need the personal information to perform a contract with you, or in case there is a legitimate interests. As legitimate interests we mean that you have been in contact with our sales representative and hence, you have provided your contact information to us and shown interest for ElectricFeel. In case there is a different legitimate interest, we will make this interest clear to you at the relevant time. Moreover, there may be statutory obligations requiring processing of your personal data.

Data transfer and data transmission abroad

In the course of our business activities and the purposes set out in Section “How does ElectricFeel use this information?” in this Privacy Policy, we also disclose personal information to third parties, where permitted and deemed appropriate, either because they process it for us or because they wish to use it for their own purposes. In particular, the following areas are concerned: service providers from us, including data processors (such as IT providers).

These recipients are partly inland, but can be anywhere in the world.

If we transfer personal data to a country without adequate legal data protection, we ensure an appropriate level of protection as provided for by law by using appropriate contracts (in particular on the basis of the so-called standard contract clauses of the European Commission) or so-called binding corporate rules or rely on the statutory exceptions.

Customer testimonials and comments

We use customer testimonials and we publish them and their comments on our Site and Blog. These comments may contain customers’ personal information: this information has been given to us and the consent to publish this information was given to us by the customer.

External websites

Our communications may provide links to other websites. ElectricFeel does not control and is not responsible for the content or practices of these other websites. When providing these links we do not endorse these websites, their content, their owners, or their practices. This Privacy Policy does not apply to these other websites, which are subject to their own privacy policies.

What are your rights regarding this information? How can you access and control your personal data?

At any point of time you are entitled to:

  • Ask us to have access and to provide you with details on your personal data that we have retained;
  • Ask us to update your personal information;
  • Ask us to modify it;
  • Ask us to delete it;
  • Object to the data we have and its use;
  • Restrict processing of your data;
  • Withdraw your consent and hence be unsubscribed from our communications (at the bottom of every marketing email you receive from us there is an “unsubscribe” option) and deleted from our contact list.

Moreover, you may file a complaint at the competent authority.

In case you have any questions and/or requests regarding this Privacy Policy and/or your personal information retained by ElectricFeel please contact us at:


We may revise this Privacy Policy at any time without notice with respect to the future changes in data protection law. The current version published on our website applies (check effective date). If the Privacy Policy is part of an agreement with you, we will notify you of the change by e-mail or other appropriate means in the event of an update.