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Primeo Energie | ElectricFeel Success Story

Primeo Energie created an innovative and holistic e-mobility strategy that includes a top-class e-bike sharing service

Interview of Thomas Eglin, Project Lead at Primeo Energie and Co-CEO of Pick-e-Bike | ElectricFeel

"It has never been this easy for energy and energy suppliers to become shared mobility service providers". Why energy suppliers should consider shared mobility.

How energy suppliers could benefit from the shared electric mobility revolution | ElectricFeel

Utilities and energy actors could benefit massively from developing ventures in shared mobility. Discover key trends for the following years.

The Complete Guide to Launch Your Shared Mobility Service | ElectricFeel

The most comprehensive guide to launch your shared mobility business and get fully operational in 12 weeks.

E-mopeds vs. E-bikes: everything you need to know when launching a fleet | ElectricFeel

ntroducing a fleet of light electric vehicles to your city can have a massive positive impact on people’s lives. An eco-friendly extra transport option cuts pollution, noise, and traffic created by cars.

Pick-e-Bike | ElectricFeel Success Story

How Pick-e-Bike gave Basel on-demand, future-proof public transport

Revel - Electrifying Urban Mobility | ElectricFeel Success Story

Revel went from pilot to market leader in the US, with ElectricFeel, and secured $28 million in the process

Segway-Ninebot and ElectricFeel launch a global partnership | ElectricFeel

ElectricFeel and Segway Commercial are leading the moped sharing revolution with a new global collaboration.

Post-COVID cities face a dilemma—what they do next will define their future | ElectricFeel

As cities adapt to cope with COVID-19, they’re left with a historic choice: go green, or face more cars than ever.

Shared Micromobility Profitability Research | ElectricFeel

Discover the key factors that help shared micromobility services to be profitable by reducing costs and growing revenue.