The user app and management software to successfully run your shared mobility system

 ElectricFeel's Platform is a full solution for any shared electric mobility service: a user app and a real-time management software to easily manage vehicle usage and maintenance, user accounts, payments and billing, as well as integrations to third party information systems. It allows operators to create reports and track the system’s performance indicators through analytics ranging from revenue to operations.




WHIte LABEL user app

  • Customised with your branding and image

  • Native iOS and Android apps

  • Modern & intuitive design

Seamless registration & rental process

  • Quick registration with driver license upload

  • Find and rent nearby vehicles

  • Credit card payments


Proactively engage your users

  • Coupon codes

  • Marketing campaign codes

  • Refer a friend

Interact with your users

  • Onboarding process

  • User damage report

  • Connected with the platform ticketing system


THE MANAGEMENT software | KEY Features


Manage your electric vehicle fleet

  • Your EV fleet at a glance

  • Real-time battery monitoring

  • Smart battery management


Take care of your customers

  • Driver authorization process

  • Traffic offense report

  • Billing & invoicing

Operate efficiently

  • Tasks creation, labelling & assignment

  • Alert system

  • Service team app

Continuously improve your system 

  • Asset, user and rental analytics

  • Data visualisation (Heat maps)

  • Operational KPIs



Our platform is both innovative and simple to use, and it is also developed by the most supportive team. Should you have any questions about the setup of your shared mobility system, benefit from our experience in designing shared electric mobility services!