Electric Bike-Sharing System

ElectricFeel provides the tools to turn your shared mobility system into a fast-growing transportation service. 


Boost your service level and asset utilization.

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Cut your cost by drastically increased operations efficiency.


Digitalize and automate your operations.


We offer a suite of powerful solutions for your shared mobility system:


Full Management Solution

A single platform to manage and operate your entire shared mobility system: monitor your customers, assets and tasks, gain access to smart analytics and mobility heat-maps and even keep track of the CO2 savings achieved by your users and efficient operations.


Rebalancing Solution

An intelligent yet simple app for your drivers: the self-learning algorithm constantly analyses user flows and generates prediction-based and route-optimised recommendations for redistributing bikes where users need them.


Battery Swapping Solution

A simple to use app for battery swapping in electric vehicles: this smart tool depicts battery levels and provides recommendations for replacing empty batteries based on battery level and vehicle urgency.


"The user satisfaction has drastically increased, we get far less complaints via Facebook and service hotline about rebalancing."

- Michael Kraus, General Manager, MVGmeinRad

"We stopped trying to analyse the user flows: our rebalancing is on auto-pilot now."

- Andreas Weil, Head of Maintenance, MVGmeinRad

"We rely on ElectricFeel's solution to scale our e-scooter sharing business across Europe."

- Timo Buetefisch, CEO, Cooltra Motos S.L.