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ElectricFeel provides a revolutionary planning and management solution for on-demand mobility.


Working with forward-thinking cities and their mobility system operators, we are moving the world towards more sustainable, effective and profitable alternatives.

Together we can reimagine the future and breathe fresh air into the way people build and use public transport.


Our software converts your shared mobility system into an intelligent transportation service that is reliable and scales with demand.


Your new or existing shared mobility system connects rapidly and securely through our integration portal (API).


A powerful, time-tested cloud application to manage all service teams, operations, users, rentals and payments.

Our advanced 'artificially intelligent' software predicts user behaviour. This allows you to deploy resources effectively to meet demand.

Get valuable insights on your system with a powerful analytics dashboard for better strategic decision-making.

The recently introduced intelligent redistribution tool already proves to increase end-user service level at stable redistribution effort
— Michael Kraus | Board of Directors | MVGmeinRad




ElectricFeel is becoming the preferred intelligent management software for the booming Shared Mobility industry.
As mobility providers in the world's smartest cities implement bike sharing, e-bike and e-scooter sharing systems, they look for rapid deployment, trustworthy partnerships and the most innovative technologies.



Let us help you scale your new transportation system.


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