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Surpassing all major shared-mobility milestones

ElectricFeel has measured how artificial intelligence can improve bike-sharing.

ElectricFeel is a team of data scientists and software development specialists who are passionate about riding bikes, writing code and changing the world. Their products may sound like science fiction. Artificially intelligent software that understands exactly how clean mobility systems are operating, and more importantly, just exactly what needs to be done to streamline efficiency and increase profitability.

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Eurobike 2015

Together with our customer MVGmeinRad, ElectricFeel was featured at the Eurobike 2015 trade fair last week. We were invited to showcase our successful collaboration at the booth of the German Cyclist’s Federation (ADFC). ADFC chose ‘bike-sharing’ as their theme at this year’s Eurobike, endorsing the innovative new mobility system.

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