Surpassing all major shared-mobility milestones


ElectricFeel has measured how artificial intelligence can improve bike-sharing.

ElectricFeel is a team of data scientists and software development specialists who are passionate about riding bikes, writing code and changing the world. Their products may sound like science fiction. Artificially intelligent software that understands exactly how clean mobility systems are operating, and more importantly, just exactly what needs to be done to streamline efficiency and increase profitability.

A recent benchmarking analysis of their software at work in Mainz Germany, revealed a remarkable 68% increase in rebalancing efficiency. This is unparalleled.

This translates to more rides and more revenue, and a lot of saved time. At MVGmeinRad, the bike sharing transit system run in Mainz, as with the vehicle sharing industry as a whole, the greatest challenge is ensuring vehicle and parking availability. With thousands of rides each day, the only solution to satisfying this demand is to deliver vehicles from where they aren’t being used, to where they’ll be needed. This is called ‘Rebalancing’, and it is the largest challenge in shared mobility. This is where the predictive management software changes the game.

Through understanding and predicting user behaviour in advance, MVGmeinRad is given the edge they need to grow their system, keeping customers and stakeholders satisfied. With unparalleled global investment in clean transportation, urban design and sustainable cities, ElectricFeel is quickly establishing itself as a serious pioneer for a young but rapidly booming industry.