Kids' share in Bike-share

Promoting the biking culture starts with the young population. There are great books for educating children about the fun, healthy and practical nature of cycling. The more children cycle today, the healthier our communities will be in the future. Not just healthier for that matter, but also smarter. 

According to a Danish study, biking to school increases concentration throughout the day, not only due to the proven positive effects of exercise on mental health, but also because biking or walking to school increases the sense of responsibility and safety-consciousness, helping children make better decisions on the road.

This is why we are excited about the bike sharing system of Milan, BikeMi, which recently introduced bikes and docks just for kids. Such initiatives are perfectly in line with promoting the biking culture from an early age. At the same time, children learn to appreciate and respect such services, which could lead to lower vandalism rates in the future. Parents no longer have to worry about children outgrowing their bikes, which happens in no time. And they can be relaxed: a recent study suggests that bike-sharing is even safer than private bike use.

 And while parents can be happy and free of worry, from the young ones’ perspective as well, biking offers everything they want. It’s fun, adventurous and comfortably familiar. It also promotes social outdoor interaction, getting kids off their phones and onto fun rides. With more initiatives like BikeMi’s childrens’ docks and bikes it shouldn’t be long before we feel the positive outcome of good behavioural shifts.

It’s time to have more shared bikes for kids!