ElectricFeel and our clients are SCA-ready!

On September 14, 2019, PSD2, the second Payment Services Directive from the European Parliament, requiring SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) for online payments came into effect.

SCA states that banks, handling online payments for European customers (world-wide), must require two-factor authentication (commonly 3D Secure) on payments meeting certain criteria.

This summer, ElectricFeel prepared our platform and white-label mobile app for the September 14th deadline, ensuring that our clients will not lose revenue or customers due to problems with payment.

The latest releases of all ElectricFeel-driven mobile apps now support SCA with the following updates:

  • Two-factor authentication is used for adding or editing your payment method from the mobile app

  • Two-factor authentication is used for on-session payments (such as those using ElectricFeel’s credit top-up feature) in the mobile app

  • Background (“off-session”) charges (such as those using EF’s aggregated monthly billing feature) are correctly labeled for exemption with the bank

  • The ElectricFeel mobile app now includes an intuitive recovery flow, for rare cases where banks still force two-factor authentication on off-session payments.

As more an more countries and banks adopt SCA, ElectricFeel is happy to be ready to provide more secure payment for our clients and their customers.

Thinking about started a shared mobility business, and wondering how PSD2 or SCA may effect you? Contact us at contact@electricfeel.com!

Pratik Mukerji