ElectricFeel sparks growth for US Market Leader: Revel


On May 29, 1,000 electric mopeds appeared on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens. They were placed there in the early hours of the morning by  Revel, a Brooklyn based startup that aims to better connect people with their cities. Revel has introduced a previously underutilized mode of transportation to the densely populated city. Since then over a million miles have been driven by thousands of users.

A city like New York is inherently fast paced – and for Revel to keep up and manage a growing fleet of mopeds, they needed a partner as innovative and dynamic as the city they serve.

This is where ElectricFeel comes in. Since 2012, ElectricFeel has been reimagining the future of the connected city through their premium front and backend solutions for providers of electric mobility across the globe. 



A great effort of planning and collaboration went into the launch of Revel New York, starting with a pilot project of 68 mopeds over the year prior to launch.

“Starting with our pilot last year, we’ve worked in close partnership with ElectricFeel to provide a safe, reliable, and fun experience for our riders,” says Paul Suhey, COO & Co-Founder of Revel.



Through ElectricFeel’s operations technology and available integrations, Revel has the ability to manage and monitor their fleet in real-time. The software enables them to maintain a healthy fleet and to communicate with users by integrating them into their own CRM systems. 

The list of capabilities goes on and on. As Revel’s roots grow deeper in New York City and into Washington D.C, they will continue to establish themselves as market leaders, ElectricFeel is right by their side. The partnership allows for anticipation of future business needs while providing the fleet support needed. As a result Revel can better focus on the assets that matter most: their customers and their city.


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Learn more about Revel at reveltransit.com

Justin Plunkett