Supercharging the Future of Mobility


ElectricFeel has been at the forefront of the shared mobility revolution for the last 6 years, providing the market's leading system to build, run and scale shared electric mobility services. Our technology is becoming the backbone of European shared mobility with users riding over 15 million clean, quiet and comfortable kilometres on eBikes and eScooters. Our system is already driving the electric mobility revolution in ten of the top European cities, including Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid and Basel. But this is just the start. In 2019 we are poised to expand our reach tenfold, firmly entrenching ElectricFeel as a global industry leader in Shared eMobility.

For this rapidly growing market, we believe in strong partnerships. Our diverse customers include bold entrepreneurs who share our vision of creating more flexible, healthier and environmentally responsible ways of urban transportation. In addition, we work with forward-thinking electricity providers who want to rejuvenate their brands and operations, reaching new markets and meeting strict new EU Climate Change regulations. We also partner with smart cities and their public transit companies, extending their existing bus and tram services to include clean and convenient ‘last mile’ solutions like eScooters, eBikes and the increasingly popular new electric micro-scooters. We are grateful to work with so many pioneers. 


At ElectricFeel, we believe in the importance of quality service and an inspired team. It’s a great way to ensure our designers, software engineers and data scientists continue to grow our robust, dependable and secure shared electric mobility platform, the most advanced product of its kind.

If you and your organisation are considering supercharging your city’s mobility system, making a lasting and meaningful impact on your community, talk to ElectricFeel about how we can help you build, run and scale your operation. Connect with us at

Justin Plunkett