Moritz Meenen at the BMW Rad°Hub Sessions

Moritz Meenen

Co-founder, ElectricFeel

Sharing can be tough, but at least when it comes to transportation, Moritz Meenen, believes it doesn’t have to be.

“Our mission is using data intelligence to solve the problem that all bike sharing systems have in common,” he says. “It’s often the case that when users come to station they can’t find a bike, or they have one and can’t find a docking spot.”

ElectricFeel uses predictive algorithms to anticipate demand and highlight where bottlenecks will form.

“Currently, the system operator can look at the status of the system, but they can only see what it’s like right now,” Meenen says. “They can’t see what people are going to be doing in the next few hours. That causes supply and demand problems.”

Seven public and private bike share systems use ElectricFeel’s system, as well as Barcelona’s Cooltra electric scooter rental service. But Meenen is looking to expand beyond two wheels and exploring shared ownership models.

At rad°hub Meenen explained how shared ownership systems could be a challenge for car manufacturers, but the delegation saw that the BMW Group is already preparing for a radical redefinition of automotive use.

“People think of BMW as just a car manufacturer, but with Uber and self-driving vehicles, the market is being shaken up and turned upside down,” says Meenen. “The fact that the group had workshops around things such as 3D printing, and brought together people from all different areas – from education to culture – showed me that they’re looking at the future in a holistic sense.”

Effie Theodorou