We are a data-driven company


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

  • A framework that runs our machine learning algorithms on your data streams. The predictions are calculated in real-time and your teams receive streamlined task prioritization and decision support.
  • The machine learning algorithms have been developed by our team in collaboration with ETH Zurich specifically for shared vehicle systems. They are continuously tested and optimised for a growing number of systems and technologies.

Cloud Solution

  • Software-as-a-Service - fully hosted
  • Online high-performance storage for your data
  • High scalability and service level
  • Improved cost-efficiency for growing operations (only pay for productive units)

Easy Integration

  • Simple and fast integration through time-tested APIs to vehicles, infrastructures and end-user apps
  • Data can be uploaded and integrated through our API

Data Security

  • Automated back-ups with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure data transfer via HTTPS
  • Fine-grained user permission-levels

Collaboration and Data Sharing

  • Simplify the data for your target audience and share it
  • Approach your investors, business partners and city administration with selected data analyses to build trust and support for your project