The operating system to build and successfully
run your shared mobility service


ElectricFeel’s shared mobility operating system is a full solution for any shared mobility system: a real-time software platform to easily manage vehicle usage and maintenance, stations, user accounts, payments and billing, as well as integrations to third party information systems. It allows operators to create reports and track the system’s performance indicators through analytics ranging from revenue to environmental impact.



How it works

  • Simple connection through API
  • Vehicle and station data is imported
  • Access to platform and wide range of features



Fleet and Station Management

  • Vehicle and station information
  • Linked tasks
  • Vehicle battery voltage
  • Station occupancy level

Operations Management

  • Maintenance management
  • Rebalancing (bikes)
  • Battery swapping (e-bike and scooter)

Rental Management

  • Intelligent allocation of vehicles to users
  • Automatic out-of-geofence task creation
  • Management of vehicle maintenance requests

User Management

  • Smartphone registration
  • Billing & Invoicing (Stripe or other 3rd party platforms)
  • Refer-a-friend system
  • Promo codes
  • CRM integration (Saleforce

Analytics Portal

  • Powerful analytics and convenient alerts
  • Heat map for station planning
  • Charting features
  • Table exporting


  • Leaner organization with more effective system management
  • Reduced incident reaction times with closer monitoring of assets and operations
  • Better planning through tracking system metrics and performance indicators