Cooltra is the largest Scooter rental company in Europe and an industry pioneer. Their success can not only measured by the number of scooters or the countries they serve, but also their commitment and leadership in actively transforming their operation towards environmental sustainability. 

Cooltra are investing heavily in their all-electric scooter division eCooltra, with plans to serve 20 cities, projecting a total investment of 20 million Euros by 2019. As of today they operate more than 1000 electric scooters in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome.

ElectricFeel are a key partner, sharing their vision of providing flexible, convenient and enjoyable electric mobility to cities.

Challenge & Scope

ElectricFeel have played a critical role in the expansion of Cooltra into the electric mobility arena. Over the last two years we have worked closely with the eCooltra team in tailoring our full suite of management software to fit their operations.



Before the introduction of ElectricFeel’s solution, rebalancing involved constant communication between the truck driver and dispatcher. The shifting of bikes was based on historical data, but largely on intuition and human judgement, while routing between stations was left to the experience of the driver. The ineffectiveness of redistribution was reflected by the low availability of bikes, when users wanted to rent them, and docks, when users wanted to park rented bikes. This lead to numerous complaints on social media and busy call center lines.

In 2015, ElectricFeel launched the Rebalancing Dashboard, a prediction-based tool with recommendations for redistributing bikes between stations. 


The introduction of ElectricFeel’s solution allowed MVG to take full advantage of the predictive technology in order to meet user demand. By following ElectricFeel's dynamic rebalancing recommendations, MVGmeinRad was able to achieve more effective rebalancing - this means that rebalanced bikes were subsequently rented a lot more by users - while at the same time both rebalancing cost and time were greatly reduced. All system KPIs marked a significant improvement in 2015 compared to 2014. 


"The user satisfaction has drastically increased, we get far less complaints via Facebook and service hotline about rebalancing"

- Michael Kraus, General Director, MVGmeinRad

"We stopped trying to analyse the user flows: our rebalancing is on auto-pilot now."

- Andreas Weil, Head of Maintenance, MVGmeinRad