automated rebalancing solution


Low availability of bikes and docks is a problem for users and operators. ElectricFeel can help you solve it.


our solution


  • Fast and effective integration
  • Secure data transfer via RESTful API
  • Engineering support

Predictive Engine

  • Self-learning mobility demand model
  • Integration of system and open city data 
  • Prediction of service loss

Rebalancing Dashboard

Easily monitor your rebalancing fleet in real time 

  • Real-time truck locations
  • Colour-coded task urgency
  • Station clustering

Rebalancing App

Give your drivers the right tool for large-scale rebalancing  

  • Step-by-step rebalancing instructions 
  • Integrated fastest route calculation  
  • Automated multi-truck coordination
  • Task logging and capacity management

measurable Benefits


Operational Benefits

  • Drastic increase in operational efficiency
  • Upshift in user trips
  • Improvement of system performance

Strategic benefits

  • Higher service level and success of system
  • Improved KPI's and ease in meeting SLA terms
  • Greater potential for strategic scale-up and integration with transportation network