ElectricFeel goes to the City of Light!

ElectricFeel is exhibiting at the Autonomy Conference in Paris this October!

We look forward to joining other players of the urban mobility industry and sharing our thoughts and insights on the latest topics: shared mobility, operations & logistics, electric vehicles, data-driven planning, interconnectedness and many more. 

Visit our booth during the conference!  We would love to talk and show you a live demo of our latest product, the “Multi-Truck Rebalancing App”!


Data from bike-share, for bike-share

Data from bike-share, for bike-share

Innovation: Simpler access and electric bikes  

It is exciting to see how rapidly and confidently bike-sharing systems are conquering our world’s cities. While different figures circulating on the web, there are roughly 1000 bike-sharing systems with a world fleet of 1 million bicycles installed, bringing people low-cost, fast and healthy transportation. 

Bike-sharing: Why the worry and inconvenience?

Bike-sharing: Why the worry and inconvenience?

There was a recent comment under an article in autoblog on a new bike sharing app called Donkey Republic, which allows rental shops and private bike owners to rent out their bikes. The comment addressed bike sharing in general, saying “Bike-sharing makes no sense to me. Bikes are cheap to buy and free and easy to park. Why would you not just get and use your own bike? Who needs all the worry and inconvenience of bike-sharing? The only time I would find it useful is if I were visiting a different city.”

ElectricFeel speaking at WorldWebForum 2016

ElectricFeel speaking at WorldWebForum 2016

ElectricFeel CEO, Moritz Meenen has been invited to speak at the World Web Forum 2016, taking place in Zurich on January 28th and 29th. ElectricFeel joins an impressive roster of local and international speakers from NASA, Google, Uber and Hyperloop. The WorldWebForum is the leading Swiss Platform for Digital Transformation and seeks to empower agents of change, facilitating leadership in the digital transformation.

How will you get to work in 10 years?

“I will be subscribed to several mobility services such as public transport, vehicle sharing, car pooling, taxi etc. I will no more decide HOW to reach a destination, but I will just follow the directions of my mobile device indicating the best combination of such services to get there on time. This is already partly available today, but, in the next years, the integration and connectivity of the mobility systems will grow exponentially.”
— Marco Santoni - Data Scientist at ElectricFeel


Surpassing all major shared-mobility milestones

ElectricFeel has measured how artificial intelligence can improve bike-sharing.

ElectricFeel is a team of data scientists and software development specialists who are passionate about riding bikes, writing code and changing the world. Their products may sound like science fiction. Artificially intelligent software that understands exactly how clean mobility systems are operating, and more importantly, just exactly what needs to be done to streamline efficiency and increase profitability.

Back to the Future: Flying cars and shared mobility

The film Back to the Future Part II predicted flying cars in 2015, but it also predicted that fax machines would still be important. It overestimated progress in certain technology (the car), but also underestimated others (the internet). When internet technology is combined with long-existing vehicles like bikes, cars and scooters, new transportation systems can be built that solve real-world problems.