The way we see the world and the impact we have on it. There’s no stopping it, there’s only shaping it.


ElectricFeel is a young and passionate company, fueled by a love of modern city living, cutting-edge technologies and the belief that we can make a positive impact on our world. We see how traffic pollutes our lives and makes beautiful cities grey instead of green. 

We formed ElectricFeel to realise our dream of better urban transport through enabling alternatives that can lead to lower congestion levels, fewer emissions, as well as happier and healthier commuters. 

In partnership with the prestigious ETH Zurich, our academic research into shared transit systems underlies our growing suite of intelligent software and data analytics services. 

We want new public transportation systems to succeed: for the investors financing them, for the cities providing precious space and above all for the people, our friends and families, using them.